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SLO DJ staffs some well proven live talent from San Luis Obispo and the central coast of California. Our Djs are personable, polite, well trained, and enthusiastic about DJing and events. Many of our DJs produce their own music and you can sample each DJs style. If you need a San Luis Obispo DJ, or DJ San Luis Obispo, if you are having a wedding and are in need of a Wedding DJ in San Luis Obispo, a SLO DJ will have what it takes to leave you breathless and your guests in awe.


Kevin is the founding member of SLO DJ and acting manager of the team. His music preferences include Big Room EDM such as Axwell and Ratatat, but also Alternative Rock such as the Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

DJ Style : Big Room EDM
Production : Rigger, Electrician, LD
Affiliations : Kappa Sigma, PolyGait, LLP

Jon CDJ Bear

DJ Style : Hip-Hop
Production : Rigger, Stagehand
Hometown : Bakersfield

Matt GDJ Solstice

DJ Style : Electronic Raver
Production : Promoter and Coordinator
Affiliations : Cal Poly Grad, Noxxious Events

Cary HDJ Hemorrhoid

DJ Style : Big Room EDM
Production : Stagehand
Affiliations : Delta Chi

Cam C & Eli BDelta House

DJ Style : EDM
Production : Lighting Design
Affiliations : Lambda Chi

Karan SDJ Karl Grand

DJ Style : Big Room EDM
Production : VIP Coordination
Affiliations : Kappa Sigma

Kurt SDJ Ketchup

DJ Style : Big Room EDM
Production : Rigger, Stagehand
Affiliations : Kappa Sigma, Cal Poly Bicycle Team

Ari DDJ Gold

DJ Style : Funky
Production : Electrician, LD
Affiliations : Alpha Epsilon Pi, Cal Poly Grad

Dan SDJ Slacker

DJ Style : Pop and Alternative
Production : Rigger
Affiliations : Cal Poly Grad

Marcelo UDJ Marcykins

DJ Style : EDM
Production : Stagehand
Affiliations : Kappa Sigma

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SLO DJ Weddings

About SLO DJ Weddings

Weddings are often thought of as the best day in any loving relationship can become very involved and stressful for a new couple and their families. SLO DJ works hard to alleviate this strain and burden by providing well-coordinated event planning and services to newlyweds all over the central coast. With over 10 years experience-serving weddings SLO DJ has the experience to provide meaningful insight for wedding specifics and can tailor a customized wedding to never be forgotten.

Video Series SLO DJ Weddings

Recent SLO DJ Wedding Photos

SLO DJ Flawless Wedding Guarantee

SLO DJ has serviced hundreds of weddings. Though most events run flawlessly, we have seen our fair share of mistakes and know just how important it is for a wedding to run smoothly. In order to ensure our clients of a flawless wedding, SLO DJ always works in teams to double check one another and to be sure we are always available to assist. SLO DJ also brings backup equipment for every single piece of equipment that could fail. Even if there is an issue, SLO DJ’s coordination and preparation often allows us to remedy the situation without the client even knowing we had a problem.

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Fan Videos from Recent SLO DJ Involved Shows

SLO DJ Concert Services

Virtually Unlimited

SLO DJ has been in the industry since 2006 and many including our founding members have beeen working with and around concerts since the 1900's! However we work hard here at SLO DJ to stay modern in our study and up-to-date on current industry show standards. With our wealth of experience we are availabel to asisit clients in any asp[ect they need help with regarding an upcoming show or event.

Production | Staffing | Coordination

SLO DJ staffs only team leaders to run and coordinate your upcoming events. Our upbeat coordination style supplemented with amenities for all of our workers including meals, sun protection, close parking, adequate lodging, and site-specific resources. We can deliver a team large or small for your upcoming event and with the needed Industry Certifications if required.

Technical Services

SLO DJ started and still excels at providing technical resources to large events and concerts. The services we offer include: Lighting Technician, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Projection Lead, Video Wall Lead, Crane Lead, Fork Lead, RGB Laser Technicians, Riggers, Electricians. Our staff members are well trained in their field and know to arrive well prepared for the job and on time.

Promotion & Creative Design

SLO DJ is always looking for local partners for concert and show promotion. We have a well-established concert distribution route as well as a large age distribution of promotion staff eager to sell and share your upcoming event. We host our own shows from time to time but are regularly available to help promote your upcoming event.

Local Partner Noxxious Event Posters

Laser Production - CaliLaser

Concept Projects

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SLO Venues

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